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Skin Fair 2013: Tokyo Girl

Another reason to go to Skin Fair 2013? So you can see the best East Asian skins on the grid. My heritage is 100% southeast Asian, I was raised in a very diverse part of the US, and I struggle to find a brand that reflects all various Asian faces I see in my life. There are many fine, quality Asian-influenced skins out there, but in my humble opinion, Tokyo Girl does the best job of creating realism, originality, and a connection to Asian culture. Circe Ishtari does this by including facial features beyond the stereotypical crease-less eye and by adapting faces to match the current beauty trends in China, Japan, South Korea, and so on. Tokyo Girl has been around for 3-4 years, beloved by many, and it keeps getting better.

Tokyo Girl Amelia in Natural (middle tone)

Tokyo Girl Amelia in Natural (middle tone)

Amelia is one of two new skins debuting at Skin Fair. Amelia is the more versatile of the two. Think Ayumi Hamasaki or Kristen Kreuk – Amelia shows her heritage, but she also has a commercial beauty that works in various areas of the world. Things I especially like about this skin: (1) the way it just melts onto my face seamlessly without awkward shadows on the nose or lips that don’t follow the mouth corners – no shape alternations needed; (2) how the ashy gray undertones reflect the real undertones of foundation makeup and bb creams by brands like Missha, Innisfree, Skin Food, and Skin 79; and (3) it is an exceptional base skin that is perfect to add makeup tattoos on.

Tokyo Girl Miru in Fair (second lightest)

Tokyo Girl Miru in Fair (second lightest)

While Amelia is the commercial, popstar beauty, Miru is the distinctive, local beauty. Miru really impressed me because she looks outstandingly human – she looks like a few people I’ve known personally in real life, and a few that I have seen in the city when I was traveling in the Tokyo suburbs. Take note of the eye fat on this skin. Called “aegyo sal” in South Korea, those puffy eyes are a symbol of youth and general cuteness, similar to dimples. It’s considered a charming feature and it’s not uncommon for a girl to be complimented for her puffy eye fat over there. Miru’s shading also creates a bit if a v-shape chin, which is a popular contouring goal. Lastly, the Miru skins have milky, gray-olive undertones, which reflects the bb cream undertones in popular Japanese makeup brands like Kanebo or Hadalabo.

My pictures really don’t do the skins justice, so I suggest heading down to Skin Fair and trying these out for yourself. Tokyo Girl is on Sim 2 in the southeast corner. Check out Tokyo Girl’s official blog for more information, as well as excellent reviews by follow bloggers Dana Tan, Villena Inglewood, Smiley OrcMadeline Zenfold, Hump Muffin, Victoria Lenoirre, and Multimuse.


On Amelia
Hair: Clawtooth – Victim of Love in Coffee Cream,  Collabora88, $188
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Glimmer Contacts in Gray, Dec Arcade, $25
Top: Ducknipple – Fuston Top, Pink Fusion Hunt, $5
Jeans: Deetalez – Mesh Skinny Jeans in Dusty Rose, Pink Fusion Hunt, $5
Shoes: Gos – Sophia Peeptoe in Tan, $795
On Miru
Hair: Truth – Crys in Honey, Fameshed, $200
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Glimmer Eyes in Amber, Dec Arcade, $25
Outfit: R2 Fashion – Tunktop Mini Onepiece in Red, old Collabora88, $88
Feet: Gos – Bare feet in Arched, $595
Location: Neva River http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Neva%20River/226/210/41 – which is hosting a photography contest


How to Style Bare Feet #1

I love going bare foot, both in real life and second life. Until real life loses the risk of injury, I’ll have to live out my comfortable lifestyle sans shoes in second life with great bare feet from brands like Gos,  Slink, Love Soul, and more. And after you get those mesh bare feet attachments, the question is, “With what do I wear these?” My answer: Anything! This is your Second Life. Do what you want. For the more pragmatic types, I have a ton of reasonable ideas for bare foot outfits as well. First up is Bohemian Style.

Go bare foot, boho-style.

For those who are cautious, there’s nothing better than a maxi dress to ease you into the look, slightly covering the feet, while still being suitable for public wear. This long maxi dress (also styled at My SL Look)  is a steal at L$40, compared to the original L$300 price tag. I added a leather watch to match the leather belt. Throw in some whimsical accessories with a loose, casual hairstyle and you’re a modern flower child. Check out Pixel Pantomime/Virtually Vanilla‘s awesome take on this hippie style (with bare feet too!).


Close up.


Skin: Lara Hurley – Joelle, L$0
Hair: TRUTH Hollana in Honey, L$88
Dress: Auxiliary – Summer Sun Dress in Noon, L$40 TDRF/$300 normal
Feet: Gos Boutique – Mesh Feet Arched, L$595
Earrings: Undefined Lillies – Petting Zoo, L$99
Watch: Muse – Classic tank Watch in Caramel
Flower: Artilleri – Lilium Longflorium
Eyes: Insufferable DastardShades of Brown #6, L$75
Lips: LAQROKI – Parted Lips in Pale, $150
Pose: Croire – Flamingo, L$15
Shape: Custom

Location: Hazardous @ Misali (See Inara Pey’s blog for more on this sim)