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The Newbie’s Guide to The Arcade

The success of The Arcade is a testament to power of gambling. Gatcha machines have you pay one for a random item each play. The thrill of an unknown result is what you’re really paying for. The fun of hunting down an elusive item afterwards is what gives the item value. This is my first Arcade event and I was impressed by the mini-subculture (new word?) that popped up in the just the last half year.

The SLebrity world is already well versed in the art of gatcha grinding at the Arcade. But for those newcomers like myself, here’s a quick guide to the basics.

Going gaga over Gatchas at The Arcade

1. Scope out the goods beforehand

Both The Arcade Shopping Guide and SeraphimSL have extensive galleries that tell you exactly what is available, the price, and (usually) prize charts. Furthermore, The Arcade SL FLicker Group is booming with photos showing the gatcha prizes, especially of participants in The Arcade Photography Contest.

2. Go to The Arcade with a plan

Recognize that the first week is the hardest. The sim will often be full, so come with as few attachments and scripts as you can bear. Grab any demos that you need before your viewer crashes. Lastly, if you get an item you really like, screenshot it. Without a screenshot, there’s no way a creator can resend you an item in the event of a delivery error. It helps to be prepared.

3. Join the group: The Arcade – Gatcha Events

Trading is wonderful part of gatcha culture. These items are transferable. So join the Arcade Gatcha Event group and use their group chat to find what you’re looking for. You can also give away or trade away your extras via chat. This group is very active and friendly, so don’t be afraid to jump in.

4. Make a list of your haves/wants online

If you’re going to trade a lot of items, make a web-based list of your items, as well as your wishlist. Then, paste that link in the Arcade Group for trading. It’s a lot easier than posting your long list in the chat box every time, and some people will bookmark your list. And please, put your SL name on your list! Don’t lose a potential trade due to a lack of contact information.

5. Check out the flea markets

You’re not getting an item you badly desire, and you don’t have millions of Linden dollars to spend. When times get desperate, maybe you should head to the yard sales. Yard sales and flea markets are areas where people sell their gatcha items. A public yard means that anyone can rez items for sale; a private yard means that all the items belong to one person or group of persons. I like the Red Barn Flea Market and Garbanzo Yard Sale for the sheer amount of stuff. I love the organization of the Little Wonders/Pixel Homes Yard Sale where they have carts by brand – if only all yard sales did that! Pick up Lex’s Yard Sale HUD for a big list of various yard sales.

6. Have fun and share!

Everyday, there is someone in the trading group giving away items. What a great idea! If you have so many extras that they’re just going to rot away in your inventory, why not share them with others for free? You never know – that item could make its way to a new resident in SL and be a part of the early Second Life adventure.

I live a simple Second Life and I am fortunate to never run into any drama. If you do love drama though, I hear Iris Ophelia’s article “The Arcade’s Latest SL Event Soured by a Virtual Property Rights Drama Blowout” is a good place to start looking at the different perspectives surrounding this event. Until next time, good luck with your Gatchas!


Cruising in Cupcakes

Back when I was the new kid on the grid, Rosemary Galbraith blessed me with the chance to be a model on some of her ads at a chic store called Oh! What a Neat Boutique. By working with her, I saw what a a supremely talented mind she had. That’s why I was so happy to hear that Rosemary and her partner, Mimi Coral, reopened their Cupcakes store and sim in-world!  They had a great opening sale, and now they’re having a Valentine’s Day-themed sale.

The sim itself is spacious and lovely. While most of the stores are on floating islands in the sky, you can also jump down to earth. The sim has a regular island at sea level with a few small but charming points of interest, as shown in the photos below. I can’t wait to see how it looks in spring!

At the Cupcakes mainstore, wearing items from their re-opening sale.

At the Cupcakes mainstore, wearing items from their re-opening sale.

A lighthouse in Cupcakes.

A lighthouse in Cupcakes.

A cozy cabin at Cupcakes.

A cozy cabin at Cupcakes.

Credits (first photo only)
Skin: Cupcakes – Emilia in Copper in Moonlight, $70
Hair: Elikatira – Interrupt in Brown 5, $75 (sale)
Dress: Violent Seduction – Versailles Dress in Cream, $70
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Thank You Gift, $0
Shoes: R2 Fashion – Mele Heels in Off White (not shown here, but visible in last entry)

Traveling in Tableau

My next stop as I poshpack around the virtual world is Tableau, the strange and beautiful lovechild between my favorite Tarentino movie and my favorite local Mexican restaurant..


Skin: Curio – Party Girl in Sundust Midnight 2 (Free! Group Gift, 0L to join)
Hair: Lamb – Big Doll House in Mint
Eyes: Poetic Eyes – Ocean in Blue Surf
Jacket: Koko – Biker Girl Jacket (Free! Midnight Mania @ The Avenue)
Top: Friday – Traveler’s Tank in Oatmeal
Skirt: M*Motion – F-Slits Mini Skirt in Patch (Free! Lucky Board)
Shoes: Maitreya – Alexa Wedges

You may know Tableau as the home of many fabulous stores including Paper Couture, Tres Blah, Sea Hole, and so on… But it’s so much more than that. I’ve been going to Tableau fr years and I never stopped to really enjoy the scenery, until recently. The place is gorgeous! This is coming from a person who loves the beach and despises the desert. The place is full of quirk and humor. Next time you visit Tableau, I recommend that you take a 5 minute break from shopping and try out the following:

  • Use the vintage photobooth in Nylon Outfitters.
  • Visit the dinosaur park and tourist booth.
  • Go up to the lookout tower and use the binoculars.
  • Go to the campfire pit on the edge of town and try the peyote on the ground.

Happy travels!

Purikura at Pink Fuel

The second featured discovery is the Purikura booth at Pink Fuel. Purikura is special type of photobooth popular in Asian countries. They’re known for making high quality stickers with your photos, as well as an endless array of customization options. I was thrilled to see one on the second floor of Pink Fuel’s main store.

Purikura_a by silkydoll
Purikura_a, a photo by silkydoll on Flickr.

Once I started using it, I realized that my photos looked awfully lonely. So I changed outfits and went back in as an alter ego. A couple quick copy & pastes later, my multiple personalities had ultra cute pictures to post onto Flickr. Picking colorful backgrounds and decorations was much more fun than taking photos in a photo sphere. I recommend it to any bloggers; step out of your comfort zone and just play.
Regarding Pink Fuel, the skins are great and there are some adorable accessories here, including some that are available at the Lucky Chair. Once I save up more Lindens, I definitely will buy some Elly skins, or whatever other pretty skins Mochi creates by that time.

Wardrobe Details (Left)
Hair: Zaria 1 in Carob by Truth
Skin: Alva in Fair 04 by LAQ
Eyes: Oriental Pearl by Poetic Colors
Dress: Patchwork Dress in Bosenberry by The Secret Store
Shoes: Legwarmer Boots by Vinyl Cafe
Animal Ears/Tail: Kitsune Starter by Hybrid
Shoulder Pet: Angel Panda by Pink Fuel

Wardrobe Details (Right)
Hair: Petra in Night by Truth
Skin: Alva in Fair 03 by LAQ
Eyes: Jellyfish by Poetic Colors
Top: Springtime Jacket by Icing
Pants: Juju Jeans in White Lace by Tres Blah
Shoes: Pumps in Pearl by Maitreya
Animal Ears/Tail: Usagi Starter by Hybrid
Shoulder Pet: Devil Panda by Pink Fuel

Bare Rose Spa

The first place I’m featuring is part of Bare Rose, one of my favorite stores for the last 4 years. BR is an ideal and a valuable resource for both new residents and old veterans because of the wide variety of creative, quality outfits for under $200 each. Most people don’t realize that Bare Rose has a lot more than just shopping. They try to make their sims a comfortable place to hang out by creating wings such as the library and the art studio.

Barerose_spa09 by silkydoll
Barerose_spa09, a photo by silkydoll on Flickr.

The Bare Rose Women’s Spa is actually known as “The Fitting Room“. It’s a beautifully designed spa with greco-roman columns and an attention to detail with vintage cabinetry. You can grab some free makeup/lingerie, soak in a clawtooth bathtub, and lounge on the deck overlooking the sea.

More photos and wardrobe details under the cut!

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