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Skin Fair: Amacci, Cupcakes & Huit

Today is the last day of Skin Fair! Fortunately for shoppers, most of the skins you see at Skin Fair will be available in the creator’s stores soon enough. Here’s a final look at three brands that offered new goodies for this event.


Amacci’s Rayna, showing 1 bare skin and 5 makeups out of the 12 available.

Amacci’s owner tirelessly worked on a new skin right to the opening of the event – that skin is Rayna and it is stunning! Swedish designer Carina Larsen was inspired to create a Mediterranean skin, which resulted in the release of two new skin tones. Rayna is available in three tones (Pearl, Olive, and Terra) and twelve different makeup styles. Rayna looks warm and  exotic, but is versatile enough to represent a vast range of cultural backgrounds. For example, although Rayna is Mediterranean inspired, she was featured on this post about “skins with oriental vibes”. What I like about Rayna is how she has strong facial features, but she never crosses the line where a skin is too bold or sexy to style in any manner you want. Rayna is just the right amount of sexy, with a beautiful body to match. Another cool feature is that Carina include a soft mouth corner option for avatars that need a softer, happier look. Amacci is located on Skin Fair Sim 1, in the center landing platform.


Cupcakes Dreamboat in Pale, Medium, and Tan

I don’t often review male skins, but Cupcakes‘ Dreamboat makes it easy! Dreamboat comes in three tones: Pale, Medium, and Tan. For 900, each skinpack comes with different brow options on skin, tattoo hairbases, tattoo facial stubble, and tattoo body hair. What I like about this skin is the variety of add-on options you can buy to customize your male avatar.  There’s a bunch of facial hair options from meatly trimmed goatees to full blown, rugged beards. There are also makeup options, and a mish-mash of miscellaneous looks, such as an injured face and a tired face. Cupcakes is on Skin Fair Sim 2 on the south side.

Huit (Freebie)

HUIT Skin Fair 2013 Gift

If you haven’t stopped by the Huit booth in the last few weeks, do so now. In addition to the beautiful new release of Manon, Huit has a FREE skin out and it’s adorable. The gift skin has a sweet, youthful face, combined with a glamorous body. What I like about this skin is that there is a smooth transition between the color and of the face and the body, and the bare face is good for layering makeup tattoos. Huit is located on Skin Fair Skim 2, on the east side.


RMK Bunny Hunt Prize Guide

alice-in-rmk_posterThis is the last weekend for the RMK Bunny Hunt! The sim is a gorgeously built wonderland. The game play is fun and innovative. The fantastic prizes are FREE. The creators put a lot of thought into fun details, like entrance of the sim where you crawl through a door and fall past floating teacups to land in wonderland. I had a really good time and was able to collect to all 25 available prizes. It’s not too late to grab these fantastic prizes too.

Check out the Bunny Hunt Blog for directions in several languages. After you land in wonderland, find a prim bunny and follow it. When it randomly drops a ticket, buy it for $0 and take it. Wear the ticket and TP to the participating store (listed here) to collect your prize. You can also trade tickets on the sim in the Ticket Trading Area or in the RMK group via group chat.

Here’s my completed prize gallery to help with hunting and trading. I’ll be giving out my extra tickets this weekend, and I think many others will be doing so as well.

Further coverage: Duh Store, Tickle Me Tummy, Neo, Tarnished Bluebird, Fab Free, Devin Vaughn, Free Style, Ami Tamura, Suvi Breil, Emirun. Thanks to the Bunny Hunt staff and the stores for a creative and thoughtful hunt.

How to Style Bare Feet #1

I love going bare foot, both in real life and second life. Until real life loses the risk of injury, I’ll have to live out my comfortable lifestyle sans shoes in second life with great bare feet from brands like Gos,  Slink, Love Soul, and more. And after you get those mesh bare feet attachments, the question is, “With what do I wear these?” My answer: Anything! This is your Second Life. Do what you want. For the more pragmatic types, I have a ton of reasonable ideas for bare foot outfits as well. First up is Bohemian Style.

Go bare foot, boho-style.

For those who are cautious, there’s nothing better than a maxi dress to ease you into the look, slightly covering the feet, while still being suitable for public wear. This long maxi dress (also styled at My SL Look)  is a steal at L$40, compared to the original L$300 price tag. I added a leather watch to match the leather belt. Throw in some whimsical accessories with a loose, casual hairstyle and you’re a modern flower child. Check out Pixel Pantomime/Virtually Vanilla‘s awesome take on this hippie style (with bare feet too!).


Close up.


Skin: Lara Hurley – Joelle, L$0
Hair: TRUTH Hollana in Honey, L$88
Dress: Auxiliary – Summer Sun Dress in Noon, L$40 TDRF/$300 normal
Feet: Gos Boutique – Mesh Feet Arched, L$595
Earrings: Undefined Lillies – Petting Zoo, L$99
Watch: Muse – Classic tank Watch in Caramel
Flower: Artilleri – Lilium Longflorium
Eyes: Insufferable DastardShades of Brown #6, L$75
Lips: LAQROKI – Parted Lips in Pale, $150
Pose: Croire – Flamingo, L$15
Shape: Custom

Location: Hazardous @ Misali (See Inara Pey’s blog for more on this sim)

Splurge, Spend & Save: Room Dividers

Splurge, Spend, and Save is a series where I show three options for a particular item:  an expensive but high quality option, a mid-ranged balanced option, and a free or almost free option. Today, we are looking at room dividers for your Second Life home, an extremely useful item for separating living areas.


Empty In Between

Empty In Between

Floorplan, Empty In Between Room Divider, 3 LI, $150

With three built-in changeable textures, this divider translates easily into light, dark, and neutral decoring schemes. I really liked the cute chalkboard doodles. It also stands out because it folded into a zig zag shape, as opposed to a U-shape, which makes it easier to place – use it to divider an area equally, or section off a private corner. Taxi to Floorplan.

Alternative: Dutchie Indonesian Folding Screen, 1 LI, $198


Prouve Dressing Screen

Prouve Dressing Screen

POST Prouve Dressing Screen, 3 1LI, $50

A delightful Fifty Linden Friday find, this screen has 6 built-in textures available and nice peek-a-boo windows. You can change all screens, or alternate textures between the center and the wings. Neat! Unfortunately, the FLF special is over, but you never know what could turn up each Friday! Taxi to POST.

Alternative: BAZAR Arizona Privacy Screen, 1 LI, $50.


Color Me

Nordari Color Me Room Divider, 10 LI, $0

What a fantastic gift to their customers. This freebie is a quality piece that can work well as a partition for a dressing area or a washing area. You can change both the wood frame and the fabric screens with several color options. The translucent options allow a little more creativity in decorating. The only price to be aid is the high prim count, at around 10-11 prims. If you can afford the land impact, go for it! To the marketplace.

Any there you have it. Three different choices, across various price ranges, for your room dividing needs. Until next time.

Splurge, Spend, & Save: Patio Furniture

Splurge, Spend, and Save is my new series where I show three options for a particular item:  an expensive but high quality option, a mid-ranged balanced option, and a free or almost free option. Today, we are looking at patio furniture for your Second Life home.


LISP Bazaar

LISP Bazaar

LISP Bazaar, Serendipity Fire Set, Firepit 6LI, Chair 3LI each, $400

If you missed this at Collabor88 in January, fear not, this charming set is available at LISP’s main store now. It comes in fours choices of wood finishes. The design fits in well in various house styles, from a tropical shack to an urban balcony. The various perks you get for your dollars include various poses over the fire, a lid for the firepit, and props that rez from the chairs. Taxi to LISP Bazaar.




BAZAR Arizona Patio Set, Firepit 2LI, Chair 1LI each, $169

BAZAR makes amazingly detailed products while keeping the land impact extremely low. This set is perfect for home owners who are trying to save their prims without sacrificing quality.  Taxi to BAZAR.

Alternative: What Next’s Mallorica Chairs and Firepit, Firepit 2LI, Chairs 1-2LI each, $125. Special sale items for this week. This set is also my personal pick for my own house. I love how the chairs dispense props and the choice of two colors. Taxi to {what next}.




Al’Ol Architecture Woven Chair Set, 14 prims, $0

The talented owner has generously put two free (or almost free) patio furniture sets on their marketplace, as a thank you to their customers. It comes with 5 sit poses and the fine texture work. It may be a little prim-y compared to mesh sets, but it’s a fantastic bargain when you consider that you’re getting this good-looking set for absolutely no cost. To the marketplace.

Alternative: Al’Ol Architecture Patio Set, 24 prims, $1

Any there you have it. Three different choices, across various price ranges, for your outdoor decor needs. Until next time.

Tips for Budgeting Second Life Fashion & Home

Because Second Life is a virtual world, it becomes easy for a casual player (one is not making his or her living off of Second Life business) to get caught up in retail therapy. I have wasted so much money on items that I didn’t use for very long. It’s easy to forget that Linden dollars ARE real dollars. Once I started organizing a virtual budget, my impulse purchases became investment purchases. Here are some First Life tips on budgeting that have been tweaked for Second Life.

Curb your SL indulgences with smart budgeting.

Curb your virtual indulgences with smart budgeting.

1. Treat your Addictions

I am addicted to skins. Rather try to eliminate this need cold turkey, I’m taming it. I subscribe to Skin brands that have a consistent history of giving gifts, like Izzie’s VIP group and WoW Skins VIP Group. I keep an eye on skin brands that frequently participate in events and sales, like Belleza Skins, which has Best Buys and Fifty Linden Friday promotions often. I give more leeway to my skin spending, in small doses, while cutting out clothing spending significantly to balance it out.

What ever your addiction is – shoes, hair, poses, furniture, etc – recognize it. Then, find a way to curb it with hunts, freebies, lucky boards, camping, groups, and sales. “Small doses” of your addiction work just as efficiently as large impulse buys, and they’re a lot better for your wallet.

2. Narrow Budgets by Category

When I bought my virtual home, I set a limit of $100 for individual furnishings, with three exceptions allowed for my most important pieces of furniture: a bed, a kitchen, and a work desk. In the end, I spent about $600 total for those important pieces and everything else in the house is  low cost or free. Using my Premium Account has also helped out with budgeting in that my stipend is disbursed weekly. This way, I don’t blow my self-imposed allowance all at the beginning of the month. If there’s a sale that comes up, and I’m out of the money for the week, I let that sale go.

If having an overall budget limit for Second Life isn’t working, break it down into categories. To get started, begin with the expenses that are easily foreseeable, like “$xx amount for pet care per month, $xx amount for rent per month,” and then divide out the rest for your shopping and entertainment needs. For even more control, break down each category even further by identifying your most important purchases you’d like to make in that category. It will put everything into perspective.

3. Make a Wishlist

I use the Second Life Marketplace’s My Favorites list to keep track of everything that catches my eye. I also keep a big folder of demos in-world. Then, I periodically go through my Favorites list and my Demos folder to remove ones that I no longer want. This narrows down my purchases to things that I could like for a while, and weeds out the ones that can’t hold my interest in the long run.

In first life, the longer you wait to see if you still love something (that new career change, that potential spouse, or that pretty new pair of shoes in the window after a long time has passed), it’s more likely that you won’t grow tired of it later on. The same applies to Second Life. Most to the things you’re thinking of buying will be there later on. The next time you want to buy something, write it down, bookmark, and put it away. You’ll be surprised at the frequency at which you cross off items.

I still have some definite problems with limited-time sales and other shopping events, but budgeting my Second Life has already led to less regret and more bang for my buck. It’s a good start.

Living in a Linden Home: The Quad

I am now the happy homeowner of a my first residence in Second Life! This has added a whole new, fun dimension to my game experience. Here’s a small tour of my humble abode so far:

The House

My atelier @

My unfinished atelier.

Surfboards: {what next} – Surfboard Decorative Props, 2LI, $0

Of the four theme areas, I chose Meadowbrook because of the large windows. I loathe the feeling of being confined, even in virtual space, so I need to see the outdoors. Of the models available, went with The Quad because I wanted a simple one story loft for my first home. Anyone is welcome to stop by my house.

Many people seem to be critical of Linden Homes, but they’re actually a good value. On the quarterly premium plan, I pay about $7.50 USD per month. After you calculate that out, and subtract the monthly stipend you get back, it comes out to L$163 per week for 117 prims, not including the house itself. Not bad at all. I’m going to stay at this house for a while, and then switch to try out different floorplan next month.

The Bedroom

See that pile of books? It doubles as a pose stand!

See that pile of books? It doubles as a pose stand!

Bed: Scarlet Creative – For Lyla Bed, 7LI, $50 (Sale)
Clothes Rack: BAZAR – Arizona Clothes Rack, 2LI, $69
Mirrors: Wayward Muse – Frosted Mirrors, 3LI, $20
Books: Floorplan. – Novels, 1LI, $1 each
Pose Stand: Conspiracy Theory – Catesby Pose Stand, 1LI, $0
Rug: Unknown – Soho Rug, 1LI, $0
Cat: Shop SEU – 1 Prim Anim Cat Orange Grooming, 1LI, $120
Wall Art: Croire – My Favorite Bands, 1LI, $0 (lucky board)

A bookcase that multitasks as a room divider. ♥

A bookcase that multitasks as a room divider. ♥

Bookshelf: Scarlet Creative – For Absencen Bookcase, 6LI, $100
Bench: Laize Days, Nautical Bench, 10LI, $0

The Creative Corner

The alternative to a study or office: an art corner.

The alternative to a study or office: an art corner.

Desk: Standby Inc/Collabor88 – Miyazaki Drafting Table, 6LI, $188
Lighting: BBQQ – Hikari Chandelier, 2LI, $0
Lounger: Trompe Loeil – Pallet Lounger, 4LI, $20
Wall Art: Whiskey Monday/Atelier Kreslo – You Belong in a Boat Out at Sea, 2LI, $0
Paint Supplies: End of Daze – EoD Cabinet, 5LI, $20
Rug: Nordari – Ruggies in Peach, 1LI, $0

Sale! Sale! Sale!

There are so many great sales going on right now! Here are some that have left my wallet hurting and my virtual closet full.

Kyoot Lingerie (L$50), Elika Hair (L$75), and Izzie Skin (L$585)

Kyoot Lingerie (L$50), Elika Hair (L$75), and Izzie Skin (L$585)

The Truth District is having a winter sale involving multiple stores on the shopping sim. Many stores have at least one item that is 50% off. At Izzie’s, that item is the Fuyu skin. I’m wearing Fuyu in the picture above with no makeup, and it already looks lovely at it’s most bare. Combined with all the eyeshadow and lipstick tattoos included in each pack, along with a shape, this is a great value. Truth Hair should be your number one stop during this sale as it has ALL hair packs at 50% discount. I picked up the Rashida hair in Fades for L$150. Taxi to Truth District.

Kyoot, a favorite of mine for years, is closing its doors! Thus, everything is on sale, including their furniture. I got some swimsuits, multiple underwear sets, and a couple dresses all for only L$50 each. It’s like L$50 Friday everyday. Even better, the owner has added their previous L$50 Friday exclusive items to the store, such as the Soft Lingerie packs in white and black. Go to Kyoot.

Not long after her last sale, Elika Tiramisu is having a retirement sale! Everything 70% off, and that includes all her newer mesh hairstyles. In a true testament to the sheer variety of hairstyles available, I walked away with a handful of different hair packs (at L$75 each for the light browns), even though elikatira is not even one of my top three favorite hair brands. There’s just that much to choose from. Taxi to elikatira.

Lastly, floorplan is have a 25-50% sale. This does not include the beautiful living room set that Tegan put out for FaMESHed, fortunately for my budget. I did pick up a chalkboard room divider for 50% off at L$75, and was tempted by the porthole mirrors for 25% off. While I was there, I also picked up some fabulous books at a mere L$1 per novel. Taxi to floorplan.

Lucky Boards of the Moment

Lucky Boards are easy and cost-effective ways to quell your shopping thirst in Second Life. If you’re going to be on the computer anyway, perhaps working on first life items, you might as well put Second Life on in the background and park yourself near a lucky board. Here are my three lucky board choices of the moment.

#1. Mother Goose’s Skin Board Bonanza

Lucky Board pillar at Mother Goose

Lucky Board pillar at Mother Goose’s skins store

Amazing, isn’t it? Right in the center of Mother Goose’s main store is a large pillar with FIFTY (50) lucky board with various skins as prizes. The timers are set to three (3) minutes each, so there’s no way you’d leave here empty-handed. There are also a couple boards for accessories off to the side.
Go to: Mother Goose @ Turpentine

#2. Mariko’s Lucky Boards and Holiday Sale

Skins at Mariko's boutique

Skins at Mariko’s quaint little boutique

Mariko’s charming little island shoppe is bright, lag-free, and contains five (5) lucky boards with skin prizes near the front entrance. The timer is set to five (5) minutes per turn. As bonus, Seraphim reports that Mariko is having a 50% off sale. Great timing.
Go to: MARIKO @ Framboise Island

#3. Sushi Train’s Dance Dance Revolution

Dance accessories at Sushi Train

Dance accessories at Sushi Train

One day, I was struck with the bizarre desire to find a dance animation for Gangnam Style. After a quick Marketplace search, I found a FREE one listed at Sushi Train. The object itself exceeded expectations. It’s not a simple animation file. It was a pair of sunglasses that you can activate both the dance and song while wearing! Moreover, the store has a whole wall of equally fun Asian pop culture dance animation products given away as lucky board prizes, including SNSD’s Gee, T-ARA’s Bo Peep, and of course, Psy’s Gangnam Style. There are eight (8) lucky boards set at five (5) minutes each. There’s also dancing drums and chairs for your wait. The 90s-styled store demonstrates everything I like about Japanese Second Life designers – generosity, fun, and unique inventory.
Go to: Sushi Train @ Campbell Plateau

What next? I’m thinking of doing a series of posts on career possibilities in Second Life. Career options have been on my mind for both first and second life, and it would be nice to explore that in a blog.