Skin Fair: Amacci, Cupcakes & Huit

Today is the last day of Skin Fair! Fortunately for shoppers, most of the skins you see at Skin Fair will be available in the creator’s stores soon enough. Here’s a final look at three brands that offered new goodies for this event.


Amacci’s Rayna, showing 1 bare skin and 5 makeups out of the 12 available.

Amacci’s owner tirelessly worked on a new skin right to the opening of the event – that skin is Rayna and it is stunning! Swedish designer Carina Larsen was inspired to create a Mediterranean skin, which resulted in the release of two new skin tones. Rayna is available in three tones (Pearl, Olive, and Terra) and twelve different makeup styles. Rayna looks warm and  exotic, but is versatile enough to represent a vast range of cultural backgrounds. For example, although Rayna is Mediterranean inspired, she was featured on this post about “skins with oriental vibes”. What I like about Rayna is how she has strong facial features, but she never crosses the line where a skin is too bold or sexy to style in any manner you want. Rayna is just the right amount of sexy, with a beautiful body to match. Another cool feature is that Carina include a soft mouth corner option for avatars that need a softer, happier look. Amacci is located on Skin Fair Sim 1, in the center landing platform.


Cupcakes Dreamboat in Pale, Medium, and Tan

I don’t often review male skins, but Cupcakes‘ Dreamboat makes it easy! Dreamboat comes in three tones: Pale, Medium, and Tan. For 900, each skinpack comes with different brow options on skin, tattoo hairbases, tattoo facial stubble, and tattoo body hair. What I like about this skin is the variety of add-on options you can buy to customize your male avatar.  There’s a bunch of facial hair options from meatly trimmed goatees to full blown, rugged beards. There are also makeup options, and a mish-mash of miscellaneous looks, such as an injured face and a tired face. Cupcakes is on Skin Fair Sim 2 on the south side.

Huit (Freebie)

HUIT Skin Fair 2013 Gift

If you haven’t stopped by the Huit booth in the last few weeks, do so now. In addition to the beautiful new release of Manon, Huit has a FREE skin out and it’s adorable. The gift skin has a sweet, youthful face, combined with a glamorous body. What I like about this skin is that there is a smooth transition between the color and of the face and the body, and the bare face is good for layering makeup tattoos. Huit is located on Skin Fair Skim 2, on the east side.

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