Splurge, Spend & Save: Room Dividers

Splurge, Spend, and Save is a series where I show three options for a particular item:  an expensive but high quality option, a mid-ranged balanced option, and a free or almost free option. Today, we are looking at room dividers for your Second Life home, an extremely useful item for separating living areas.


Empty In Between

Empty In Between

Floorplan, Empty In Between Room Divider, 3 LI, $150

With three built-in changeable textures, this divider translates easily into light, dark, and neutral decoring schemes. I really liked the cute chalkboard doodles. It also stands out because it folded into a zig zag shape, as opposed to a U-shape, which makes it easier to place – use it to divider an area equally, or section off a private corner. Taxi to Floorplan.

Alternative: Dutchie Indonesian Folding Screen, 1 LI, $198


Prouve Dressing Screen

Prouve Dressing Screen

POST Prouve Dressing Screen, 3 1LI, $50

A delightful Fifty Linden Friday find, this screen has 6 built-in textures available and nice peek-a-boo windows. You can change all screens, or alternate textures between the center and the wings. Neat! Unfortunately, the FLF special is over, but you never know what could turn up each Friday! Taxi to POST.

Alternative: BAZAR Arizona Privacy Screen, 1 LI, $50.


Color Me

Nordari Color Me Room Divider, 10 LI, $0

What a fantastic gift to their customers. This freebie is a quality piece that can work well as a partition for a dressing area or a washing area. You can change both the wood frame and the fabric screens with several color options. The translucent options allow a little more creativity in decorating. The only price to be aid is the high prim count, at around 10-11 prims. If you can afford the land impact, go for it! To the marketplace.

Any there you have it. Three different choices, across various price ranges, for your room dividing needs. Until next time.


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