Splurge, Spend, & Save: Patio Furniture

Splurge, Spend, and Save is my new series where I show three options for a particular item:  an expensive but high quality option, a mid-ranged balanced option, and a free or almost free option. Today, we are looking at patio furniture for your Second Life home.


LISP Bazaar

LISP Bazaar

LISP Bazaar, Serendipity Fire Set, Firepit 6LI, Chair 3LI each, $400

If you missed this at Collabor88 in January, fear not, this charming set is available at LISP’s main store now. It comes in fours choices of wood finishes. The design fits in well in various house styles, from a tropical shack to an urban balcony. The various perks you get for your dollars include various poses over the fire, a lid for the firepit, and props that rez from the chairs. Taxi to LISP Bazaar.




BAZAR Arizona Patio Set, Firepit 2LI, Chair 1LI each, $169

BAZAR makes amazingly detailed products while keeping the land impact extremely low. This set is perfect for home owners who are trying to save their prims without sacrificing quality.  Taxi to BAZAR.

Alternative: What Next’s Mallorica Chairs and Firepit, Firepit 2LI, Chairs 1-2LI each, $125. Special sale items for this week. This set is also my personal pick for my own house. I love how the chairs dispense props and the choice of two colors. Taxi to {what next}.




Al’Ol Architecture Woven Chair Set, 14 prims, $0

The talented owner has generously put two free (or almost free) patio furniture sets on their marketplace, as a thank you to their customers. It comes with 5 sit poses and the fine texture work. It may be a little prim-y compared to mesh sets, but it’s a fantastic bargain when you consider that you’re getting this good-looking set for absolutely no cost. To the marketplace.

Alternative: Al’Ol Architecture Patio Set, 24 prims, $1

Any there you have it. Three different choices, across various price ranges, for your outdoor decor needs. Until next time.


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