Sale! Sale! Sale!

There are so many great sales going on right now! Here are some that have left my wallet hurting and my virtual closet full.

Kyoot Lingerie (L$50), Elika Hair (L$75), and Izzie Skin (L$585)

Kyoot Lingerie (L$50), Elika Hair (L$75), and Izzie Skin (L$585)

The Truth District is having a winter sale involving multiple stores on the shopping sim. Many stores have at least one item that is 50% off. At Izzie’s, that item is the Fuyu skin. I’m wearing Fuyu in the picture above with no makeup, and it already looks lovely at it’s most bare. Combined with all the eyeshadow and lipstick tattoos included in each pack, along with a shape, this is a great value. Truth Hair should be your number one stop during this sale as it has ALL hair packs at 50% discount. I picked up the Rashida hair in Fades for L$150. Taxi to Truth District.

Kyoot, a favorite of mine for years, is closing its doors! Thus, everything is on sale, including their furniture. I got some swimsuits, multiple underwear sets, and a couple dresses all for only L$50 each. It’s like L$50 Friday everyday. Even better, the owner has added their previous L$50 Friday exclusive items to the store, such as the Soft Lingerie packs in white and black. Go to Kyoot.

Not long after her last sale, Elika Tiramisu is having a retirement sale! Everything 70% off, and that includes all her newer mesh hairstyles. In a true testament to the sheer variety of hairstyles available, I walked away with a handful of different hair packs (at L$75 each for the light browns), even though elikatira is not even one of my top three favorite hair brands. There’s just that much to choose from. Taxi to elikatira.

Lastly, floorplan is have a 25-50% sale. This does not include the beautiful living room set that Tegan put out for FaMESHed, fortunately for my budget. I did pick up a chalkboard room divider for 50% off at L$75, and was tempted by the porthole mirrors for 25% off. While I was there, I also picked up some fabulous books at a mere L$1 per novel. Taxi to floorplan.

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