Beauty Base Zero

A new blogger challenge, Beauty Base Zero, has caught my attention. I’m pretty low maintenance in Second Life, so my base zero is quite similar to how I look normally. Haha.


Beauty Base Zero Challenge

Hair: Lamb – Big Doll House in Butterfinger
Skin: Curio – Party Girl Pure in Petal Light
Teeth: LAQROKI – Parted Lips in Light
Eyes: Poetic Colors – Christmas Pearl in Medium Bright
Eyelashes: Celestial Studios – Deviant 01
Lingerie: Kyoot – Soft Words Lingerie in Pale Pink
Feet: SLink – Ladies Mesh Barefeet Medium

BB0 – Full Body

For that clean bare look, I went with Curio’s Party Girl Pure. I usually start with an all time favorite, like a LAQ 01 skin, and then add on a lipstick tattoo or change to a bold makeup look depending on the outfit I choose. I know this is the hair I always wear, but it really is how my natural hair looks when I wake up tousled in the mornings! I also start out with a light brown hairstyle, and change it to a dark blonde, dark brown, or pastel color later on. If I don’t feel like it, I already have my “default” or “go to” hair on. The lashes are super old, and I’ve never felt a need to change it, especially since it is such a pain to adjust eyelashes. Like Portia said, alpha layers don’t always cover the goodies. I wear panties all the time to avoid flashing people. My absolute favorite is the Soft Words collection by Kyoot. It’s reasonably priced, not to mention it’s flattering and looks comfortable.

Last but not least, mesh feet are a godsend. As a girl on a budget, I was very hesitant to spend L$600 on shoes, or lack there of. But SLink’s mesh feet have proved to be worth it. They look great. I can run around in my swimwear now without looking silly in high heels. I don’t have to worry about matching my shoes to my outfit. I even wear these bare feet with regular outfits – it just makes a bohemian hippie-type of person. 🙂

More great Beauty Base Zero posts: Serene Cadence (another kyoot fan!), Oh Mai Shizz, and Little Miss Fashion Cupcake.


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