Lucky Boards of the Moment

Lucky Boards are easy and cost-effective ways to quell your shopping thirst in Second Life. If you’re going to be on the computer anyway, perhaps working on first life items, you might as well put Second Life on in the background and park yourself near a lucky board. Here are my three lucky board choices of the moment.

#1. Mother Goose’s Skin Board Bonanza

Lucky Board pillar at Mother Goose

Lucky Board pillar at Mother Goose’s skins store

Amazing, isn’t it? Right in the center of Mother Goose’s main store is a large pillar with FIFTY (50) lucky board with various skins as prizes. The timers are set to three (3) minutes each, so there’s no way you’d leave here empty-handed. There are also a couple boards for accessories off to the side.
Go to: Mother Goose @ Turpentine

#2. Mariko’s Lucky Boards and Holiday Sale

Skins at Mariko's boutique

Skins at Mariko’s quaint little boutique

Mariko’s charming little island shoppe is bright, lag-free, and contains five (5) lucky boards with skin prizes near the front entrance. The timer is set to five (5) minutes per turn. As bonus, Seraphim reports that Mariko is having a 50% off sale. Great timing.
Go to: MARIKO @ Framboise Island

#3. Sushi Train’s Dance Dance Revolution

Dance accessories at Sushi Train

Dance accessories at Sushi Train

One day, I was struck with the bizarre desire to find a dance animation for Gangnam Style. After a quick Marketplace search, I found a FREE one listed at Sushi Train. The object itself exceeded expectations. It’s not a simple animation file. It was a pair of sunglasses that you can activate both the dance and song while wearing! Moreover, the store has a whole wall of equally fun Asian pop culture dance animation products given away as lucky board prizes, including SNSD’s Gee, T-ARA’s Bo Peep, and of course, Psy’s Gangnam Style. There are eight (8) lucky boards set at five (5) minutes each. There’s also dancing drums and chairs for your wait. The 90s-styled store demonstrates everything I like about Japanese Second Life designers – generosity, fun, and unique inventory.
Go to: Sushi Train @ Campbell Plateau

What next? I’m thinking of doing a series of posts on career possibilities in Second Life. Career options have been on my mind for both first and second life, and it would be nice to explore that in a blog.

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