Black Friday Recap

Wow, Black Friday on Second Life was amazing. Just as I make a Second Life budget for myself, savings pop up that can’t be denied. There were deals everywhere, but here are my favorite sales and info on all my swag.

1. Skin Addiction – From Belleza, I got the full Aiko bundle for only L$1000 – that’s 75% off! Belleza came to my attention from Truth Hair ads, and I had been admiring Aiko already. On the other side from sexy realistic skins is adorably sweet babyfaced skins. From Pink Fuel, I got a fatpack of Elly skins for L$450. Mochi really knows how to give her customers good value because this includes 22 makeup skins and 45 lipsticks.

2. the Warehouse – Since this reminded me a lot of the Last Call L$100 sale years ago, I knew I had the potential to go overboard with my shopping. It’s not a great deal anymore if you’re buying tons of things you don’t need just because it’s on sale. So I made a list of everything I wanted, and then narrowed it down. I ended up with: 2 Leverocci Seam Detail Minidresses, 1 Armidi Pinstriped Blazer, 1 Gisaci Woven Coat, 1 Gisaci Milla Milla outfit, 1 Gisaci Trend du Jour with Fleur Skirt, 1 Armidi Boudoir Lingerie, and 2 Leverocci Laceup Wedges.

3. Liberty City – I came to this for one reason: The Secret Store. I’m a big fan of Maylee Oh’s work and hunted down her 50L item, which was a Pencil Skirt – the item that I based today’s outfit on. I love high-waisted skirts in real life. They emphasize femininity well. Thus, I paired the skirt with a very feminine top and offset all of that with an androgynous haircut.

Lookbook: Secret Pencil Skirt

[ Styling Details ]
Skin: Elly in Honey by Pink Fuel
Hair: Girl 28 by Dura
Eyes: Gold Coral by Poetic Colors
Lashes: Deviant by Celestial Studios
Top: Annis Lace top by Sea Hole
Skirt: Pencil Skirt by Secret Store
Shoes: Plain Jane Pumps by Cool Beans
Earrings: Orchid by Muse

And there goes my SL wallet. I’ll be sticking to weekly/month sale events for December… until Christmas specials catch my eye, anyway. D:


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